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Just makes it easier to cheat at the incidental side games. You're never going to be able to prevent all disappointments, and I see no pressing need to prevent disappointment to begin with. I mean, I think I get you're saying to store every cache edit in a snapshot form, and having each log use a back reference for which data to use, but that irks me as a database dev in this context for how to translate that to a simple user interface. The relevant edit data is per cache, and if having a flag for a log for which data to use (by log date or current) then that would be per log. At least there are options. Condor Side Kick Geocaching Pouch- Green . The point of the difficulty/terrain ratings is to communicate the general nature of the geocaching experience to potential seekers, so they can better assess whether they should attempt to find the cache. UPDATED RANKING Best Seller in 2020 Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy And it also would help a great deal to allow to add additional hints to a difficult puzzle cache after a while and decreasing the D-rating accordingly wthout annoying those who. Recently Added. Whereas I've always come at it from the angle of the log poster; the challenge/stats cacher. I was going back through suggestion threads to try and find an example of relevant participation in a new feature discussion (which doesn't include indications that there is "no commitment to put it on the schedule to develop" or "currently in the brainstorming phase"). Items On sale; Last Chance Items; Account . Upload or insert images from URL. Service 1. Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching Micro Geocoin . If this forum is really a black hole, then there's not much point in arguing. Rating: 100%. 4 Reviews. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. When you submit a geocache for publication, you must specify ratings for difficulty and terrain using a 5-star scale. The owner of a grid challenge doesn't have to accept historical ratings, even if they're listed in the logs. Furthermore, let's keep in mind that almost no one will think of this feature until after the rating's been changed, so it will be virtually pointless to give the user the option unless they are allowed to go back and assert their desire for the snapshot long after they've logged the find. A CO creates a cache and inadvertently switches the intended values but doesn't noticed until a month after it's been published. Geocaching Gift Ideas; Gift Certificates; Clearance. Five is the hardest. I appreciate the support, but I think the thread's still needed to make the case to the people proposing the new feature. 3 Reviews. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.   Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor. Allows you to edit the number of geocaches found. That to me makes more sense. Please try to rate your cache accurately. Happy Holidays Collection; Wonders of the World; Celebrating 20 Years of Geocaching; Challenges and Milestones; Premium Member Collection; Novelty Items We had the opposite of most people...a cache we found that was probably only a 1/1.5 when we found it originally has been moved and the Terrain upped to 2.0/4.0. I just don't agree with the new D/T rating, and sure don't feel like we "earned" it. I don't see how the suggestion offers a useful benefit - it seems like a redesign of the system just for the sake of a side game. $19.99. So the default would be stats as of the log date, but w/an option to use current cache stats. Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 Handheld Navigator Review. There are, of course, pros and cons to any solution for this. Ideally, I'd have it set up that the finds do refer to the stats as of the date of the find; in some manner. Send us an email.   Pasted as rich text. In any case, it's just an idea in line with this request. Honestly, Groundspeak seem so good at breaking things with their releases I shudder to think of the consequences of changing the table containing cache logs. To qualify for challenge A5, you will need to use your D/T grid to find a cache with a specific D/T combination.The qualifying cache must be found between Aug 22 - Sep 4. is the listing service for geocaches around the world. Not saying others aren't more than welcome to keep trashing my idea. That way, potential seekers have more accurate information more quickly, instead of being forced to use known inaccurate information. The finder uses some stats package to process these strings, to produce stats that fit his specific preferences. edit subscriptions. Imagine what would they would have to deal with if that vote for Scotland to split from the UK that was done a couple of years ago had passed. Six of one, half a dozen the other. GEOCACHING is a hybrid of GEO, for geography, and caching, a term used to describe hiding hiking or camping provisions. There are probably even some within walking distance of where you are right now. *shrug* that's the subjective question. The CO has also timed the publishing of new brass caps to coincide with many of the Mega Events in Alberta. And processing would be a whole lot easier than with your proposed method, too. Our Geocache Rating System can be used to help set the rating for your geocache. Therefore, every now and then when a cap is added on top of a mountain, my average terrain rating takes a big leap for a week. Dipping The act of logging a trackable into a geocache, and immediately logging it back into one's possession. Found Geocaches. In any case it would/could have an effect on the grids that are shown on diverse stats and badge system sites. I like the idea of freezing D/T as well as country and flag on the date of a find. ETA: An extra excessive bonus could be to allow the finder for their find log on a cache to select either the cache stats as of the Log date or the current cache stats - in case the update(s) was to fix a legitimate error. Even the owner of a challenge who knows someone is cheating should only laugh at someone's ability to cheat themselves. Special Price $9.10 Regular Price $12.99. 2 Reviews. Partial mitigation: Day-edited single snapshot; Log option to lookup cache stat by log date or use current listing stats; Perhaps allow the CO to mark legitimate edit snapshots? By I think there's zero chance that D/T ratings or country ID for a cache will ever be frozen. These ratings start at 1 and go up to 5 with 1 being the easiest, and 5 being the toughest. I do however agree that the ambiguities with St. Martin/Sint Maarten is worth fixing considering the number of geocaches that are actually impacted. Meanwhile, it might be enough to know if and when the D/T has been altered. All elements of an option do not have to apply to your cache. Our top spot for best GPS device for geocaching goes to the Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld Navigator. Well, then I guess there's no need for this thread then! Changes to these values would be a job for a reviewer / operator / whoever then. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them. Open your statistics page D/T grid. Below is a post in the Changing a date on a historic cache (GC2DBE) thread. A CO creates a cache that that requires climbing down and up a steep ravine and gives it a terrain rating of 3.5. When the situation changes (or if the CO merely decides that the previous ratings were inaccurate), then it is better for the CO to update the ratings promptly, without additional barriers to completing the update. Found Geocaches. In 2000, after civilian GPS accuracy improved, three friends who worked at a dot-com startup launched They are only cheating themselves. The Geocache Rating Calculator is designed to help cache hiders calculate the difficulty and terrain rating of a geocache. In this instance, both D3 and T3 are respectively the 5th most commonly found. Add to Cart. Added options like choosing which date to pull stats by is a minor thing that only people who'd care to use it would need to see it. As a software developer, this seems like a fun problem to solve. Page. Value 1. A terrain rating of 3.5 might be correct before a bridge across a ravine was built, but might not be accurate under the current state of the cache. Add to Cart. To me that seems more straightforward (one or two options, plus other stuff I'm already doing if something like that happens right now). The career stats are inaccurate. I don't understand the concept of "cheating" in this non-competitive hobby. Items On sale; Last Chance Items; Account . If it changes afterword it's effect on grid completion, challenges, etc. Our support team will reply as soon as possible. Add to Cart. This will be the go to place for charts, top lists, statbars, compares, achievements and map tools. Items 61-120 of 217. I'd hardly consider it a massive storage cost. Are you suggesting that the current implementation makes it harder to cheat at the incidental side games? Snowflake Ornament Geocoin - Earth . Sure, sometimes ratings are changed to reflect a real change, but often they are changed because they have just always been inaccurate. Ok bad wording on my part; I didn't mean unthinkable amount of data per log, but rather that there's a vastly higher rate of logs posted than listings edited, so storing information that would for the most part be duplicate for every log seems way overboard, when all that's needed is data from the other perspective: The relevant data is tied to the listing, not the log. Why smother it? Or if it happens unexpectedly I can go to my stats, find the cache in question where the change occurred, and determine if the cache info at log's date is what I wanted to keep, then tell it to use that. The OP would help with this, but I imagine the application for the request is extremely limited and probably not worth the effort. Every cacher doesn't have to 'learn' something new. Or, alternatively, to help avoid numerous quick-saves when a CO may edit until they're satisfied, only store the cache data as of the beginning of the current date. How to combine those two? The proposed solution is to implement an additional feature few people will understand, and then "partially mitigate" the additional problems that feature causes by making the feature more and more complicated. A CO creates a cache that that requires climbing down and up a steep ravine and gives it a terrain rating of 3.5. Every time the cache data changes (which should be relatively rare), the system could snapshot the data, and create a checksum identifying the snapshot. It’s one of the best GPS devices for geocaching if you’re on slightly more of a budget but still after a quality Garmin product. Parents may want to remain heavily involved in the chase, instead of letting kids roam on their own; with a little help, the activity can be a good chance to reinforce valuable geography, map reading, and other skills and get your kids excited about exploring the world around them. Options may have multiple parts separted by a slash ( / ). I didn't see anything unwelcoming in the responses you got to your suggestion. Minimal additional data storage. Add to Compare. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity. Copyright © 2000-2020 Groundspeak, Inc. DBA Geocaching. Featured. Select Setup > Geocaches. her having the initial cache info stored when I begin editing, or giving me the option to store the 'new' correct data would be nice and simple. Look Up Activation Codes. Items On sale; Last Chance Items; Account . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There used to be separate forums for feature requests and bug reports, but a year or two ago someone at HQ decided to lump them together into one forum. I'd considered that long ago as well, but ouch the amount of data to snapshot with each and every log would be unthinkable. Geocache ratings vary from one community to the next. I dunno. Add to Compare.   Your link has been automatically embedded. One is the easiest. Does the benefit of the feature as a whole being developed for the community outweigh any potential problem(s) and preventative measures? The easiest way to look at the caches near you is to look at the map either on your phone or on your computer. But I wouldn't store cache data with each and every find log. Having the snapshot means stats can still show the user found them when they were actually 5T's. Of course, at the time I don't believe that there were any caches in the region that is now South Sudan and there may have been only 1 in all of Sudan (prior to the split). ... dunno. These incidences can also be precipitated by a change to the difficulty or terrain. The log's only interest is the lookup date, so snapshot the cache data before the edits are saved and store with the edit date. Positive. Then queries for a user's D/T statistics only need to take one extra hop to get data "as of" their find date. If so, does that history include changes to the D/T? Rating: 83%. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, just waiting for you to find them. my subreddits. Allows you to display the geocache list by names or codes. St. Louis Area Geocachers Association (SLAGA), ie. Having them as a more accurate historical account would help the user statistics actually be more like what they're intended to display. If the rating was wrong and then corrected, what's the logic behind maintaining the erroneous rating? is the listing service for geocaches around the world. Even sensible, well-supported, useful features are ignored, like the one for managing ghost trackables. I don't actually expect them to make any of the changes suggested here; based on my experience thus far, mostly this is the /dev/null of suggestion boxes. Select the option based on the most difficult parts of the cache. Data is cache-specific; lookup is log-specific. Back to topic: Why not simply freeze the D-T-rating and attributes of the cache listing (so the cache owner can't change it) when the first found log is written? There are more than 3 million active geocaches worldwide.. Geocaches are hidden in 191 different countries on all seven continents (even Antarctica)!. $6.99. Based on this grouping, I think it would be fair to say that they consider a "feature suggestion" to be just as problematic as a "bug". Display as a link instead, × popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-pics-funny-gaming-worldnews-todayilearned-aww-mildlyinteresting-tifu-videos-gifs-Jokes-movies-Showerthoughts-science First time completing a r/Geocaching Challenge? 1 Review. B. Those that are implementing features at GS often don't participate in discussions but they're the only ones that have access to the code. Yes, because with the new system you could create a sock account, publish a couple of caches, change the D/T ratings while repeatedly finding them, and so fill up your D/T grid with historical finds of a single cache. FWIW, I've seen logs that included a sting of characters at the end, where this string of characters encoded information on the state of the cache at the time the finder found it: size, difficulty and terrain ratings, finder's impression of what the difficulty and terrain ratings should have been, subtype (e.g., challenge vs puzzle vs night cache). This will be the go to place for charts, top lists, statbars, compares, achievements and map tools. If the Difficulty is only changed once 3 years after publish and it gets another 2 years of life before archival, it's easy for the system to determine that Find logs posted pre-change used the first D, and those after used the updated D. No need to snapshot duplicate data for every log. Exactly. Because the point of the difficulty/terrain ratings is not to preserve your precious D/T grid. Add more UI features for snapshots and dates, and returning to past logs to change which values to use if a cache changes? If someone wants to cheat by creatimg a dummy account, creating a cache, finding it, changing the D/T and finding again, who cares. Though a problem with that is that there is no reasonable way to know if a cache's D/T rating has changed. Add your rating See all 5 kid reviews. More than 642 million "Found it" and "Event Attended" logs have been recorded since the game started in 2000.. Allows you to display the geocache list by names or codes. A year later a bridge is built over the ravine so the CO changes the T rating to a 2 but want's to keep the 3.5 rating as it indicates the actual terrain rating prior to the bridge being built. If the log is to show the D/T at the time of finding then would the stats also need to be calculated based on the log rather than the cache? I think a better solution is just to shrug. Thanks for reminding me. Bugs me when people say "it's not a problem/a big enough problem" and just dismiss any ideas outright. At some point you have to stop trying to "improve" the feature with additional complications and start considering whether the feature is really that interesting now that we've started to understand how much effort it will take. $19.99. Select Setup > Geocaches. All we can do i speculate about the advantages or disadvantages for any implementation strategy. Geocaching by the numbers. Rating: 89%. $1.99. Overview. (again, waxing over this because it's what I do for a living; not really intent on any of this actually being implemented in whatever way, though it would be nice to have, even if YMMV, and for me at least, it's fun to work through). Or the UI could simply asked the cache owner if the corrected data should be saved or just replaced. (dreams of ever completing any type of grid...). Bumping this thread to suggest an enhancement to the feature that could snapshot all the cache's data at the time the log is posted, not just D/T. This makes it easier to cheat the saturation guideline and should be removed. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to learn how to start finding them. Add to Compare. Then if something changes in the future, I don't have to worry about it. Fixing the St.Martin/Sint Maartan issue would be relatively easy. × A 3-star terrain in British Columbia, Canada is most likely going to be a very different experience from a 3-star terrain in Amsterdam, Holland. Currently, there are over 361,000 geocache owners throughout the world. Geocache List. Quality 1. This way you can be sure, your D-T-grid does not change so easily. Found Geocaches. All Rights Reserved. Use case 2. Changing a date on a historic cache (GC2DBE). Pending Logs Add to Compare. The difficulty rating covers time and effort in finding the cache (and possibly in signing the log) once at the coordinates. The CO corrects the D/T ratings and indicates that they should replace the original values. 4 Reviews. Copyright © 2000-2020 Groundspeak, Inc. DBA Geocaching. Powered by Invision Community, at the end of the day this is a "bugs and features discussion" forum, Those that are implementing features at GS often don't participate in discussions, Of course the suggestion being this thread isn't perfect - no feature is. The alternative I posted somewhere was to keep a changelog when properties of a cache are updated. Conclusion: Both apps restrict basic members, so premium membership is a huge advantage to get the most out of both 14. Items 61-99 of 99. I like the idea of posting a log, and in most cases by default having it use the current data; or if Iknow this is a qualifier I can tell it to 'remember' the current cache properties for my stats. This registers miles traveled on a trackable. Project-GC is a site with the goal to provide statistics and tools for all the geocachers in the world. Add to Cart. Therefore, a D1/T1 rating would be the easiest geocache to find, while a D5/T5 difficulty/terrain rating would be the most difficult. If the only way you can fill the D/T grid and thereby qualify for a challenge cache is to host an event with a spurious D4.5/T3.5 rating the problem is the grid and the challenge - fix those and the incentive to put silly ratings on events disappears. Geocaching Gift Ideas; Gift Certificates; Clearance. Here were two suggestions that might have mitigated that: [FEATURE] Include D/T rating in Found It log, [FEATURE] Altering placed date as a log type, [FEATURE] Include temporal cache data snapshot in Found It log, (the latter could also include other alterable things like Attributes). I fail to see how frinklab's suggestion would be any more conducive to this alleged "cheating" than the current system. Instead, the cache record itself could store a history of D/T ratings (or heck, a history of previous revisions of the whole cache: description, coords, everything). From what I've seen this issue arises most when a CO changes a property and someone no longer qualifies or don't like that there's a hole in their stats. Use case 1. If we were to restrict features because they allegedly make it easier to cheat (as if you couldn't already), then there should not be a feature to alter a cache's coordinates. Events are in plain sight or can be found in a few minutes of searching, so the appropriate difficulty rating for events is one star. Geocaching hunts range from simple but exciting challenges to complex problem-solving adventures. Because the point of the difficulty/terrain ratings is not to preserve your precious D/T grid. A CO creates a cache and inadvertently switches the intended values but doesn't noticed until a month after it's been published. Later a CO decides their series is no longer 5T because the water level has lowered, and the stats are now skewed to easy walks. Creating a historical view of a cache would reap many other benefits as well. Geocaching has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars from 6 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Maybe there should be two forums -- one for bug reports that they can monitor, and one for feature suggestions which can be ignored? The length of the hike is from the most logical parking area to the cache. 2. Geocaching HQ - help desk and customer service portal. Five is the hardest. If it holds no water, the thread will either eventually die, or be resurrected slightly when someone else chimes in. Furthermore, let's keep in mind that almost no one will think of this feature until. You cannot rate a cache that you have not yet attempted and logged. Wow, that seems easy...until you consider that the original problem is that people sometimes discover ratings are not permanent. As a CO, knowing people may be needing certain stats, if I change something the cache listing I make sure to include a note with the date of the change and what was changed - this was more relevant before automated statistic checking was required, for any challenge owner to decide whether a qualifying user can use my edited cache or not (or verify prior qualifications that no longer qualify) - but I generated my own 'change log' for the record, being considerate of challenge cachers. I wasn't thinking of the log poster making a determination which data to use, rather that the CO could choose not to save data that was erroneous, but keep the old data if something actually changed.

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