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Caution: Spoilers ahead. The first season of Watchmen had a lot of unanswered questions the left fans hanging. 10.21.2019 1:47 AM. If you have any interesting theories or clever Easter eggs that I missed, let me know in the comments below, or catch me on Reddit as u/catnapspirit. Petey is a mild-mannered academic specializing in masked vigilante history (he's behind the many viral info dumps of what's happened to the world since the Watchmen comic). These fans couldn't wait and wrote their own answers. Dr. Manhattan and Angela's love story took center stage during "A God Walks into Abar," but Watchmen couldn't … Adrian Veidt is a hard man to figure out, but clones, cakes, candles, and clocks could tell us where and when Ozymandias is on HBO's Watchmen. ... And lastly, a Reddit user theorized that Ozymandias is … ‘Watchmen’ digs into historical conspiracy theories in episode 2 This episode explores how bigotry and misinformation shape our view of history. A masked man fighting destructive white supremacy. Let's discuss all of that and more. Where Is Adrian Veidt Being Held on Watchmen? Rorschach is, thematically, a defined shape. HBO's Watchmen: 5 Updated Theories From Season 1, Episode 5. Reddit LinkedIn ... “Watchmen” has already provided a bounty of intelligent theories to study and debate, but it’s designed to be one helluva good time, as well. Watchmen: 10 Fan Theories About The Show That Will Blow Your Mind. HBO. "Hooded Justice." Reddit 'Watchmen' theory solves a huge mystery about Jeremy Irons' "Veidt" Is this why the Ozymandias scenes feel out of sync with the rest of the show? Tick-tock. 17 Shares ... Mars, etc," Reddit user dsblock19 wrote. This Theory Could Explain Things. Can’t get enough of Watchmen? “She Was Killed by Space Junk” introduced a thrilling new character — … In the Watchmen graphic novel series, Rorschach is not a traditional hero. 6 HBO's Watchmen Theories From Season 1, Episode 3. How it's possible that Irons both is, and isn't, Adrian Veidt. Dale Petey is the young F.B.I. Either answer could be deadly. Hong Chau's Lady Trieu and her plan to impact all of humankind hasn't had much screentime HBO's Watchmen so far. Watchmen Episode 8, “A God Walks Into Abar,” is a circular look at Angela Abar’s life, particularly her relationship with Doctor Manhattan. These twists, and a dozen smaller mysteries, are fuel for the scrutinizing fan communities on Reddit and social media. By Caitlin Gallagher. Watchmen theories: Could he be linked to Doctor Manhattan? RELATED: Watchmen: Rorschach Introduces an Alternate Theory About the Vigilante’s Death Rorschach #5 opens by focusing on the public image of Governor Turley. Viewers were stunned by Watchmen episode 8, which aired on December 8 on HBO.But if you turned off the TV too quickly, then you missed the after-credits scene with some confusing points about Veidt. By Kevin Wong on November 12, ... here's a real left-field theory from Reddit: what if Cal, Angela's … 5 HBO's Watchmen Theories From Season 1, Episode 4. HBO’s Watchmen keeps getting better, and Episode 3, which aired Sunday, was no exception. He becomes sort of a legend among black Americans, not unlike Bass Reeves. The events of Episode Three have absolutely supported this theory, as one Reddit user wrote last night: "I think he is a prisoner on mars to Dr. Manhattan. Behind the Mask: Theories and Analysis for Watchmen S1E2 ... Here’s a link to the Reddit thread on the Instagram post, and another Reddit thread with the images captured to an Imgur album. By Kevin Wong on November 5, 2019 at 3:24PM PST. 11.5.2019 6:18 PM. This 'Watchmen' Theory About Angela Is Too Good To Be True. ... And byurick48 on Reddit believes that Topher will inherit his adoptive father's abilities. Discover exclusive memos, newspaper articles, essays, and other artifacts before the next episode. Dr. Manhattan has briefly been seen on Mars, but we haven't yet been introduced to him properly. Reddit user bugcatcher_billy speculated: “I think he is a prisoner on mars to Dr Manhattan." He embodies many traits of absolutism and objectivism. Tick-tock. Reddit users ksendor and, um, mary_pooppins appear to have been among the first viewers to post about the theory, so they win a blue speedo or something for … 10.30.2019 2:30 PM. The game Warden is a … A pair of fan theories on Reddit theory look closely at this flashback and question just about everything about it. Wild 'Watchmen' theory solves the mysteries of Manhattan and Ozymandias. HBO. Although HBO's Watchmen is a sequel to the graphic novel of the same name, one of its major characters has yet to make an appearance on the … agent chosen by Laurie Blake to assist her investigation into the death of Judd Crawford. So my theory: little Will Reeves, growing up after the Tulsa Race Massacre, adopts a vigilante persona in the late 1920s and into the 1930s. By Sebastian Orellana Published Dec 27, 2019. Corey Plante. Wrapping up all the biggest questions with one answer. 25YL is providing continual, in-depth coverage of HBO’s Watchmen, including: Tuesday: A weekly recap and commentary; Thursday: “Behind the Mask” series covering the latest theories and analysis Now, how is this relevant to my theory? Good and evil are clearly defined in his mind. 'Watchmen' HBO theory explains the weirdness of Jeremy Irons' Ozymandias. Corey Plante. Jake Kleinman. HBO's Watchmen: 5 New Theories For Episode 8, "A God Walks Into Abar" By Kevin Wong on December 9, 2019 at 7:04PM PST. Mark Hill/HBO. Watchmen's third episode referenced the mysterious trillionaire Lady Trieu, but is she working with or against Ozymandias? On this week's Watchmen, we meet Lady Trieu, see the Millennium Clock up close, and witness the arrival of Lube Man. Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Watchmen‘s first six episodes.. There’s only one thing we can say for sure about how Watchmen will end: literally anything is possible. Oct 26, 2019, 10:12 am* Everything about him is starkly black and white. November 16, 2019 by Mishal Zafar. He is uncompromising. He is presented as the total opposite of Redford: he's a man of the people, a veteran who believes in … HBO. (Image: HBO) In this video we take a deep dive and breakdown episode 8 of HBO's Watchmen "A God Walks into Abar". Spoilers ahead for Watchmen Episode 8. "In … HBO's Watchmen is still going strong, but we are yet to fully see a character that we were almost guaranteed to appear based on the trailers and source material.

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